Same Day Dentures

Same day dentures at National Dental Hicksville

Tooth loss can occur for a variety of different reasons, including gum disease, facial trauma, and hormonal changes. No matter how it happens, several things occur. Most obviously, your smile is affected. Eating and speaking, once simple tasks, become extremely difficult. Your jaw begins to change shape, and your cheeks and lips sink in, aging you well beyond your actual age. Dentures are one of the oldest available solutions to tooth loss and are still quite common today. However, in most cases, dentures can take several weeks to fabricate. At National Dental Hicksville, the wait is over with same day dentures.

What are Dentures?

Dentures have been used for hundreds of years. Over the years, many improvements have been made on these removable prosthetic teeth. Today’s dentures are made to be more comfortable, less bulky and a lot more natural in appearance. They can be used to replace sections of missing teeth (partial dentures) or to replace an entire arch of missing teeth (complete, or full, dentures). They consist of false teeth set into a hard, acrylic gum-colored base. The prosthesis is supported by your gums and held in place by suction. Partial dentures have an added support with metal clasps that hook onto your natural teeth.

How Are Same Day Dentures Possible?

Typically, dentures take several weeks to get. Molds are taken of your mouth after you have your remaining teeth extracted, which are used to make your final replacement teeth. With same day dentures, however, that wait is eliminated. At National Dental, your prosthetic teeth are waiting for you the day you come in for your extractions

Same day dentures are possible with the help of technology. Instead of taking an impression after your extractions, they are taken beforehand. 3-dimensional “molds” are taken, which are used to design your dentures. Once they have been designed, they are then fabricated. With the exact 1:1 measurements provided by 3-dimensional imaging, we can create a denture that will fit comfortably in your mouth.

In the beginning, your dentures are lined with a tissue conditioner, which acts as a cushion between your gums and the hard, acrylic base. As you heal from your extractions, your dentures are periodically relined. When you have fully healed, the liners are removed.

Benefits of Same Day Dentures

There are numerous benefits to same day dentures:

  • You get your final replacement teeth right away.
  • The need for temporary dentures is eliminated.
  • Eating and speech are restored almost immediately.
  • Same day dentures can slow the bone resorption process that accompanies tooth loss.
  • The dentures act as a bandage, helping you to heal from your extractions faster.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

The drawbacks of same day dentures are the same as with regular dentures. They require a significant amount of maintenance, needing to be removed and cleaned nightly. They also cannot stop the bone resorption that comes with tooth loss. Over time, your jawbone changes shape. This means that you need to replace your dentures periodically, approximately every seven years. In some cases, same day dentures may require several adjustments to achieve a proper fit. However, when your dentures fit properly, your mouth can function as normal.

With same day dentures, the wait for your replacement teeth is a thing of the past. Contact National Dental Hicksville today at (516) 629-5086 to find out if they are right for you.