Restorative Care

When teeth are damaged or missing, it can compromise your overall oral health, resulting in further problems down the road. Treatments in restorative dentistry can repair or replace teeth that have been damaged by fractures, decay, or trauma. At National Dental Hicksville, our doctors offer a wide range of treatments to restore and preserve your smile for many years to come.

Advanced Laser Dentistry

Before we explore the common restorative treatments offered at our practice, we will discuss the advantages of laser dentistry. In years past, dental drills were used to remove decay and reshape hard tissues. These conventional instruments were loud and noisy, which made many patients anxious and uneasy in the dental chair. Additionally, dental drills oftentimes remove more natural tooth structure than what is necessary. In contrast, dental lasers are quiet, as they use a combination of light energy and water. They are also much more precise, meaning that your healthy tissues can be left fully intact. >> Learn more about laser dentistry


Fillings are one of the most common treatments in dentistry. Used to treat mild to moderate cavities, dental fillings are usually made from tooth-colored composite resin, although in some cases, silver fillings are still used. To place a filling, your doctor will remove the portion of the tooth damaged by decay, then fill in the void left behind with a filling material. Once the filling is placed, any rough edges will be smoothed away and your bite will be adjusted. >> Learn more about dental fillings


Moderate or severe cavities may require a dental crown. These restorations are recommended when a tooth requires additional strength and reinforcement. Tooth-shaped and custom made in a lab, a dental crown can be fabricated from a variety of materials, including metal alloys, gold, or ceramic. Many of our patients choose ceramic since it can be color-matched to your smile for a natural result. >> Learn more about dental crowns

Inlays and Onlays

If damage or decay affects the chewing surface of a tooth, an inlay or onlay may be recommended. This type of restoration is custom designed to fit into your existing tooth structure like a puzzle piece. An onlay covers the majority of the chewing surface, including at least one cusp, while an inlay is designed to rest between the cusps of the tooth.>> Learn more about inlays and onlays

Root Canal Treatment

In some cases, infection reaches the nerve of a tooth. This can be caused by decay or a large fracture. In either case, root canal therapy will be needed in order to save the tooth from extraction. To perform this treatment, your doctor will create an access hole in the tooth, and remove all internal tissues, including nerves and blood vessels. The inside surfaces will then be scrubbed clean and disinfected. To hinder further contamination, the tooth and canals will be sealed. A crown is often also recommended to restore the bite and strengthen the compromised tooth.>> Learn more about root canals

Dental Bridges

If you have a gap in your smile from a missing tooth, a bridge can restore your bite. Typically recommended for one to three missing teeth in a row, a dental bridge is designed to rest on the adjacent teeth on either side of the space, while artificial teeth literally “bridge the gap” in your smile.>> Learn more about dental bridges

Full and Partial Dentures

Whether you are missing most or all of your teeth, our team at National Dental can craft a set of dentures to fit your needs and budget. We offer both traditional and implant-supported dentures at our practice.>> Learn more about dentures

Same Day Dentures

No one should have to wait for their new and improved smile. Patients at National Dental can wear an immediate set of dentures while they wait on their final prosthesis.>> Learn more about same day dentures

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