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Straight teeth are healthy teeth. Easier to keep clean, they can help you look and feel better. National Dental Hicksville’s comprehensive advanced orthodontic care for children, teens and adults is designed to do just that – and delivered with a personal approach that’s sure to make you smile.

Graduates of the country’s top programs, our board-certified orthodontists remain on the leading edge of advanced treatment options. Our team of dental and orthodontic specialists works together to ensure you get the high-quality care – and convenience – you deserve.

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Treatment with Invisalign® involves the use of a series of aligners. Each aligner is worn for approximately two weeks at a time. The aligners are designed so that the plastic puts pressure on your teeth. The pressure on your teeth loosens your periodontal ligaments.>>Learn more about Invisalign®

Braces – Metal and Clear

Crooked teeth have a significant impact on your life. They can affect both the appearance of your smile (and your confidence) as well as your quality of life. Crooked teeth can lead to oral health issues such as uneven tooth wear and jaw pain (a condition known as TMJ disorder).>>Learn more about metal and clear braces