Oral Surgery

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IV Sedation

Avoiding dental treatment, even just routine cleanings and exams can have serious implications for your oral health. If minor issues go unnoticed, they can quickly develop into something more severe, which then requires more invasive treatment measures. Sedation dentistry provides you with a way to relax, and remain comfortable, throughout your dental procedures. >> Learn more about IV Sedation

Wisdom Teeth

Over time, the human jaw has become smaller, and the third molars obsolete. However, the third molars, or wisdom teeth as they are called, still develop, even though they have been deemed vestigial organs by anthropologists. For some people, the wisdom teeth erupt without any issues. However, for many more, they cause serious problems.>> Learn more about wisdom teeth

Laser Dentistry

In recent decades, there have been some amazing developments in dental technology. In the past 20 years, laser dentistry has grown significantly in popularity. It is now being used for many important procedures, including periodontal treatments and frenectomies. At National Dental Hicksville, we are now using laser dentistry to perform oral surgery.>> Learn more about laser dentistry