Getting an up close and personal look at your teeth and gums during an oral exam is essential for finding even the smallest signs of an issue. In the past, small handheld mirrors have allowed us to see angles of your mouth that we might not otherwise be able to see. However, even this mirror has its limits. Dental technology has improved upon the traditional metal mirror. At National Dental Hicksville, we use an intraoral camera.

Taking a Closer Look

For years, a handheld metal mirror was how we were able to get a look at your teeth and gums during an oral exam. It allowed us to see angles we might not otherwise be able to see. However, even with this mirror, our view is limited. An intraoral camera is a vast improvement over this traditional tool.

The intraoral camera is approximately the size of a large pen. The camera is attached to a wand, which is hooked up to a computer. The camera is then able to capture real-time images that are displayed on the computer monitor as we move the wand around in your mouth. With the intraoral camera, we can take a much closer look at the structures inside your mouth, which allows us to conduct a more thorough examination and a more accurate diagnosis.

Target Certain Areas of Your Mouth

Along with real-time images, we are also able to capture stills. Once we take a still, we can take the camera out of your mouth, allowing you to relax while we inspect the picture. With specialized software, we can take the image and zoom in on target areas, enhancing it as we do so for a clearer, closer look. We can also change the coloration of the image, switching between black and white, color, and negative display. All of these features help us to spot even the smallest issues in their earliest stages. This then allows us to take action right away, preventing the issues from becoming worse.

Become More Involved in Your Oral Care

Images captured with the intraoral camera allow you to become more involved in your oral care. With the ability to see everything we see, you can understand just how serious an issue is, and why we are recommending certain treatments. Seeing what we see, and what we are doing inside your mouth, can also be a great relief to those who experience anxiety when it comes to dental treatment. In some cases, you may be able to take stills home with you, so you can monitor the health of your mouth, and call us as soon as you notice a change.

Easy Storage of Your Images

In the past, all of your information was stored in a paper file folder. Over time, the folder would become thicker. Information and images (such as X-rays) could become lost or damaged. Today, all of your information is stored in a digital file, including the images we take with the intraoral camera. Not only is storage easy, recalling older images is just as simple. We can display an old image side by side with a new one to monitor the progression of your oral health, and help to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

The intraoral camera gives us the ability to find even the smallest issues, so we take action to stop them from worsening. For more information, contact National Dental Hicksville today at (516) 629-5086.