General Dentistry

General dentistry at National Dental Hicksville

Dental Cleanings

During the day, plaque and oral bacteria build up on your teeth and in your mouth. Brushing and flossing every day is essential for keeping them under control. However, even if you are very strict with your oral health care routine, there are some areas of your mouth that you might miss.>> Learn more about professional dental cleanings


An oral exam is one in which we examine all areas of your mouth. We typically recommend that you have at least two per year, done during the same appointment as your dental cleaning. During your exam, we inspect your teeth for any signs of damage (chips or fractures) and tooth decay or cavities.>> Learn more about professional dental exams


Digital X-rays rely on electronics to capture images of the structures within your mouth, including between your teeth, the roots of your teeth and your jawbone. The images that are generated allow us to check for any abnormalities, infections or other issues (tumors, bone loss) that can otherwise go undetected until they become serious. >> Learn more about digital X-rays


If gum disease does occur, and the oral bacteria begin falling below your gum line, a scaling and root planing is a minimally invasive procedure that cleans your teeth and gives your gums the opportunity they need to heal.>> Learn more about periodontal care


Your child’s mouth is constantly growing and developing, and it continues to do so into their late teens. Taking care of their mouth is important. While brushing and flossing are key factors, they are only a part of their oral health needs.>> Learn more about dentistry for kids


At National Dental Hicksville, we perform regular oral exams, during which we inspect your teeth and gums for signs of damage, tooth decay, and gum disease. However, this is only a part of your exam. Included in your oral exam is an oral cancer screening.>> Learn more about oral cancer screenings