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How to Determine Your Dental Implant Cost

Implants Customized
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Dental implants are often considered a lifetime investment in your oral health, but still many patients ask about the overall cost of dental implant cost to replace their missing teeth. Your smile is unique to you and every person has different needs and smile goals, which may alter your dental implant cost in Hicksville, NY. During a free consultation with our experienced doctors, we will be able to identify your dental implant needs and understand what your goals are when it comes to replacing your missing teeth. This will help us determine the overall dental implant cost for your case.

Factors that Determine Dental Implant Cost

Number 1

Number of Teeth to Replace

At National Dental, we can replace single, multiple and full arches of failing or missing teeth. Depending on your needs, the overall dental implant cost will change, as replacing more teeth generally increases the overall dental implant cost. In some instances, like with All-on-4®, we can replace an entire arch of teeth with just four dental implants.

Number 2

Tooth Extractions

If you have failing teeth or few remaining teeth, they will need to be extracted to make space for dental implants. The number of teeth that need to be removed will alter the overall dental implant cost.

Number 3

Bone Grafting

A dental implant requires adequate bone volume in order to be successfully placed and stable within the jaw. When bone deterioration has occurred or there is not enough bone, bone grafting is necessary to restore volume and allow for implants to be placed. Depending on your level of need, the dental implant cost may be altered.

Number 4

Advanced Implant Cases

Certain teeth are more difficult to replace within the mouth depending on their location. If you have teeth that are in the upper molar area or in the front “smile zone” of your mouth, the dental implant cost may change.

Number 5

Dental Sedation

During surgery, most patients choose to be sedated to ease their anxiety and block sensations of pain. The level of sedation you choose will directly affect the overall dental implant cost. We have doctors certified to administer advanced IV sedation as well as a variety of other levels.

You Deserve to Be Proud of Your Smile

At National Dental, we believe every patient deserves quality dentistry with a friendly touch and invites patients to receive a free consultation to discuss the options for dental implants. We offer our patients quality dental care from the materials we use to the level of interactions you will get with our staff and doctors. We have extensive training in dental implants and with a team of dentists and specialists, we are able to handle even the most complicated cases, should they arise. Most of our patients report an improved quality of life in regards to their interactions with others to the foods they can eat, thanks to dental implants.

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