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General Dentistry

Ways Your Dentist Can Restore Your Smile

Given time, little imperfections with your smile can turn into bigger issues that make it harder for you to feel comfortable smiling. They can even make it harder for people to want to seek help from those best equipped to help them: an experienced dentist. There are lots of things

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Can Invisalign Straighten Teeth with the Same Results as Braces

If Invisalign invisible aligners work just as well as conventional braces in straightening teeth, why would anyone opt for metal braces when they could go with a solution that nearly invisible? Both orthodontic solutions work fast in straightening teeth, but the perks of both invisible aligners and metal braces extend

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Dental Implants

What to Expect During Dental Implant Placement

There are lots of constants that every dental implant patient will experiences, as well as plenty of variables that will depend on individual needs. If you’re not familiar with the dental implant placement procedure, take a look at what it all entails so that you know what to expect and

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Invisalign vs Braces: Which Treatment Is Best for You?

Metal braces or Invisalign® invisible aligners: It’s a question so many Americans struggle with. One of the main benefits of Invisalign is that it’s clear, literally. But the choice to go this route instead of traditional braces is more than just a matter of aesthetics. Learning how invisible aligners compare

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5 Reasons You Need to Replace Missing Teeth

1. Shifting Teeth Each tooth works as a placeholder to keep the other teeth around it in place. Once a tooth is missing, the others can shift over time and misalign your bite. If you once had a straight smile, you may quickly notice that your teeth are out of

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Dental Impants

7 Predictions About the Future of Dental Implants

Dental implants in Hicksville, NY have become an increasingly popular option over the years, but are they here to stay? National Dental and our implant dentistry specialists have a few predictions about the future dental implant technology. 1. Implants Will Likely Be a Go-To Option for the Next Decade Not

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