Cosmetic Dentistry

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First impressions are important. Your smile is an essential part of that first impression. Any imperfections in your teeth or gums – cracks, alignment issues, gaps, discoloration, gum recession or even excess gum tissue – can seriously impact your smile and the impression you leave. Others might mistake you for being older, or that you don’t care about your health. With cosmetic dentistry at National Dental Hicksville, we can restore the beauty of your smile and help you to create a positive lasting impression.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth discoloration has many causes – foods, beverages, smoking, medications. Whatever the cause, the discoloration can be unsightly. Over the counter whiteners only remove light surface stains. At National Dental, we can treat more stubborn stains. We offer both in-office whitening as well as take-home trays, both designed to whiten your teeth by several shades, restoring the brightness of your smile.>> Learn more about teeth whitening


Bonding is a process that involves the use of composite resin, which is tooth colored material, to fix minor dental imperfections, including chips, cracks, and gaps. Composite resin, which is made up of plastic and fine glass, along with other materials, is flexible and can be shaped and molded as needed to provide you with a more natural, complete smile. The process is simple and can be done in less than an hour.>> Learn more about dental bonding


Veneers are another method of restoring teeth that have minor imperfections. They are thin porcelain “shells” that cover the front surface of your teeth. Porcelain veneers are more expensive than bonding, but they are stronger, and porcelain better imitates the natural properties of enamel. They require a minimal amount of tooth enamel removal, which ensures a perfect fit in amongst the rest of your teeth.>> Learn more about porcelain veneers

Ceramic Dental Crowns

For larger imperfections, and ones that compromise the strength of your teeth, ceramic crowns are a way to beautifully restore your smile, and protect the at-risk teeth. Ceramic crowns are essentially “caps” that cover the entire visible surface of the tooth. This material can be custom colored to perfectly match the rest of your teeth, and has traits similar to enamel, mimicking the way enamel reflects light. Much like veneers, they do require tooth preparation, although crowns require more enamel removal, to ensure a proper fit.>> Learn more about dental crowns

Periodontal Treatment

Your teeth are not the only factor involved in creating a beautiful smile. Your gums also play a role. Gum disease can have devastating effects on your oral health, and the quality of your smile, including consequences such as missing teeth. Laser treatment allows us to remove infected gum tissue so we can perform an effective scaling and root planing, which then allows your gums an opportunity to heal.>> Learn more about periodontal treatment

Technological developments in cosmetic dentistry allow us to give you a smile you can’t help but show off. Contact National Dental Hicksville today at (516) 629-5086 to schedule your appointment.